Registration form for the Student fairs Norway 2022

Participation at the Student fairs is a unique opportunity to meet thousands of prospective students in Norway. In 2022 the fairs will be hybrid, which means that you can participate with both physical and digital stand in some of the regions. This solution will incorporate the benefits from both types of attendance, and you can meet even more students from all parts of Norway.

If the physical events cannot be held or if you cannot travel to Norway due to potential travel restrictions, you will be exempt payment for the physical stand.

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Choose region

Participation with a digital stand in the region is obligatory.

In addition, you can order a physical stand in the cities of your choice. If ordering a physical stand, you will obtain the digital stand in the same region free of charge.

Southern Norway (week 2)
We would like to participate in Southern Norway
Participate digitally: 13 - 14 January
Eastern Norway 1 (week 3)
We would like to participate in Eastern Norway 1
Telenor Arena (Oslo): 20 - 21 Januarym2:
Participate digitally: 20 - 21 January
Western Norway (week 4)
We would like to participate in Western Norway
Stavanger: 24 - 25 Januarym2:
Bergen: 26 - 27 Januarym2:
Participate digitally: 24 - 25 / 26 - 27 January
Central Norway (week 5)
We would like to participate in Central Norway
Trondheim: 3 - 4 Februarym2:
Participate digitally: 3 – 4 February
Northern Norway (week 6)
We would like to participate in Northern Norway
Participate digitally: 10 – 11 February
Eastern Norway 2 (week 7)
We would like to participate in Eastern Norway 2
Participate digitally: 16 – 17 February
We are also interested in participating at the digital Saco Student fair in Sweden 1 – 3 December 2021, and would like to be contacted with more information. The platform for the digital fair is the same in both countries so we can easily copy your stand to the fair in Sweden.

Overview of regions for the Student fairs 2022

CityStand rental
per m2
Reg. feePrice
smallest stand (9m2)
Telenor Arena (Oslo)1860,-4070,-20 810,-
Stavanger1620,-3140,-17 720,-
Bergen1620,-3140,-17 720,-
Trondheim1620,-3140,-17 720,-

Prices are quoted in NOK and are exclusive of VAT.

Stand size
The minimum stand size is 9m2. The standard depth is 3 meters so the stand must be a multiple of 3 (9m2, 12m2, 15m2 etc.)

Stand equipment
Stand equipment is not included in the stand rental and must be ordered separately. We offer practical equipment packages which can be ordered in the next step of this registration form. Alternatively, you can order the stand equipment you prefer via the complete electronic ordering form which will be available after registration. Read more about stand equipment here

Participation with digital stand per region: 14 900, - NOK
VAT is not applicable on digital events. The digital stand will include essential information about your institution, films/webinars, functions for chat and video calls and more. Read more about the digital stand here.

To make it easy for this exhibitors who participated in 2021, we will transfer your digital stand and webinars to the fair platform for 2022. You can make changes and necessary updates to your stand before the fair opens for visitors.

Do you have any questions?
Contact us on or +47 73809767

For more information about the Student fairs in 2022, please visit our website: