Order form for advert/article in the magazine for the Student fairs Norway 2021

Name of organisation:
Contact person:
Please indicate correct email / recipient for invoices:
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PO number / referance code: (if required)
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Article, double page
297 x 210 mm
Price: NOK 79 950

Article, full page
148,5 x 210 mm
Price: NOK 40 490

Advert, double page
Format: 297x 210 mm + 3 mm bleed
Price: NOK 79 950

Advert full page
Format: 148,5 x 210 mm + 3 mm bleed
Price: NOK 40 490

Advert, half page (landscape format)
Format: 122 x 90 mm
Price: NOK 20 705

Deadline for material: 1st December 2020
We hereby confirm the order and accept that the order is binding.

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